Maddison Moore Female Athlete of the Year

Garrick Eastwood Male Athlete of the Year


The Karate Sport England board felt that after such a successful year a presentation evening would be an appropriate event to put on the calendar. They felt it was essential that recognised the hard work and success achieved by Athletes, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers within our sport of Karate.

The result was quite spectacular. It was held at the Zinc Arts Centre in Chipping Ongar Essex and a very clever formula was used for the nights program.

First of all , the night was a sell out with all 120 places accounted for.

The reception drinks were served with snacks in the dining area of the centre with Abdu Shaher and Ian Cuthbert as hosts welcoming the guests.

By 7-45pm all guests had arrived and were wondering how the presentations for the night would be conducted as the room was pretty much full.

At 8pm Abdu led all the quests into the theatre area where there were 100 tiered seats and balcony space where everyone could watch the evenings proceedings in Oscar style comfort.

kicking off with a short demo from Ian Cuthbert and James Howes , they performed a demonstration of Plum Blossom spear two man drills from the Yang family, ending with Both of them very nearly turning each other into kebabs.

Ian then joined Abdu on the mike to begin the presentations .
First up we’re some grade promotions which saw Patience Kakitie (World & European bronze medalist) promoted to 2nd Dan along with England squad team mates Mitchell Roberts (European Champion and World medalist) and Dean Tilley (European Veterans champion).

Tricia Jordan was then promoted to 5th Dan and Molly Samuels-Leport to 6th Dan.
Victor Charles MBE was then awarded his 8th Dan and then Abdu sprung a surprise on his co host by having Victor present Ian with his 7th dan.

This was followed by the first inductions into the Karate Sport England ‘Hall of Fame’. The four people to be inducted , all former senior World Karate Champions were Victor Charles MBE, Abdu Shaher , Molly Samuels-Leport and Trisha Duggin.

The athletes awards promptly followed with the following awards which had been voted independently on by a panel of the Coaching staff.

The main aim of these awards was to identify the male and female athlete of the year and the voting panel saw two outstanding candidates for these main awards:

Male Athlete of the Year – Garrick Eastwood
Female Athlete of the Year – Maddison Moore

Furthermore the  voting panel  selected category winners as follows:

Senior male athlete of the year – John Anderson
Seniorfemale athlete of the year – Ashley Ogbekene
Junior male athletes of the year – Garrick Eastwood
Junior female athlete of the year – Shauna Carroll
Cadet male athlete of the year – Sam Hulbert
Cadet female athlete of the year – Maddison Moore
Under 15 male athlete of the year – Liam Powell
Under 15 female athlete of the year -  Imaany Kuahendran
Male kata athlete of the year – Mitchell Roberts
Female kata athlete of the year -Holly Roberts
Male veteran of the year – Dean Tilley
Female veteran of the year -Lynne Aston
Volunteer of the year -Mireille Eastwood
Coach of the year – Brad Moore
Official of the year – Mark Green

The following categories were voted on by the guests attending the evening and resulted as follows:-

Most entertaining male athlete of the year – Dan Cuthbert
Most entertaining female athlete of the year – Maddison Moore
Most improved male athlete of the year – Michael Cormack
Most improved female athlete of the year – Maddison Moore

The presentations concluded with a fine demonstration from Dave Phillips Seishan demo squad led by James Eades who performed forms with Katana, Jo and Nunchakus. A great finish .

Everyone then returned to the dining area where Sonia Powell and her team had cooked up a huge buffet of international cuisine including Thai curry, Jerk Chicken , mango salad . People were returning for seconds in short order and very little was left over.

Whilst the food was being consumed Trisha Duggin had transformed herself into DJ Trish and the theatre into a disco venue and as people drifted back she got everyone up and dancing with some great sounds.

The evening went onto twelve , everyone had a great time and it looks like it will become a permanent feature on the calendar.

Well done to all the winners and the organising committee and especially to Sonia Powell for the fantastic food.