2012 WUKF World Junior Championships

Karate England Squad in Serbia

2012 WUKF World Junior Championships

Novi Sad Hotel was our destination for the 2012 WUKF World Junior/Cadet/Childrens Championships

With 36 athletes along with over 40 coaches, referees and supporting family the squad totalled nearly 80 people.
Many of them successful at the recent Karate England National Championships hopes were high.

Serbia is a serious country and the people equally serious about their karate.



The following countries were present:
Belarus, Argentina, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, England, Montenegro
Romania, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, Northern Ireland, Serbia,
Czech Republic, France, Bosnia Hegesgovina, Scotland, Russia, USA, India
Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Mexico

12 tatamis, 200 referees, 156 coaches and nearly 2000 athletes.

Karate England made 12 finals (5 kata and 7 kumite) winning five and having to settle for a lesser medals in the others.

The total medals haul was  5 Gold 5 Silver and 10 Bronze .
Leaving Karate England in 8th position on the medals table.

Maddison Moore

The pick of all these medals were golds by Maddison Moore and Sam Hulbert. Maddison had spent 2 days recovering from food poisoning and lossing about 4 kilos but this was the only thing she lost. Throughout the weekend she won every fight in her individual bouts including the best of the best, she won all her fights in the team sanbon and scored the most points within the team rotation a remarkable performance that shows what a massive future this girls has, seniors and juniors better watch out Maddison is coming after you.

Sam Hulbert

Sam Hulbert was simply superb, only targeted for a possible low medal but to get a gold was a fantastic performance. He backed this up with excellant performances as part of the sanbon and rotation teams with a another 2 bronze medals and was so narrowly beaten 5-6 in the final of the best of the best by a cadet competitor that was much heavier and had greater reach, also the last point could of easily gone Sam’s way and many thought it should have done.

Gold Medals
Emily valentine – Girls. Kumite 10-11
Sam Hulbert – cadet kumite u65
Maddison Moore -cadet kumite u55
Female cadet team rotation – Maddison Moore Rebecca Barton-Hagger, Dani Lester and Chloe Barnes
Maddison Moore best of the best  female cadet kumite

Silver Medals
Nabil khan – Boys 10/11 kumite
Jamie Boddington – Junior wado ryu kata
Mitchell Roberts – Junior shito ryu kata
Male cadet rotation – Charlie Collins, Liam Powell, Sam Hulbert and Ben Turner
Male cadet Sanbon – Charlie Collins, Liam Powell, Sam Hulbert and Ben Turner

Bronze Medals

Emily valentine – Girls kata

Junior male sanbon team – Garrick Eastwood, Greg Gentleman,  Joby Wilson and Paul lineham

Cadet female team sanbon – Maddison Moore, Anna James-Bott, Rebecca Barton-Hagger and Dani Lester
Shauna Carroll – female junior kumite O60k
Joby Wilson – male junior u65 kumite
Male team ippon cadet kumite rotation – Joe Bonnassia, Albie Warner, Bobby Grafton and James Catt
Mitchell Roberts Junior kumite u60k
Hollie Roberts – Shito Ryu Kata
Imaany kuhaendran – Girls 13-14 kumite

All in all a fantastic tournament, the standard was excellent and coaches Abdu Shaher, Ian Cuthbert,Tricia Jordan, Julia Heenan, Phil Patrick, Brad Moore, Lee Willis, Patience Kakitie and Dave Plested should be congratulated for their hard work and achievements

Congratulations also to Mark Green on being promoted to World Referee.
Also well done to Sonia Powell, Geoff Marks and Azad Kumar and Alan White for their hard work officiating over the weekend.

Roll on 2013 Senior Worlds Bucharest, Romania and Europeans Sheffield, England