Formation of the English Karate Council, 24/01/2012, Leicester

 Four of England’s major Karate bodies held two meeting last October and December to discuss unification with all its inherent benefits. These benefits include: the creation of one Governing Body for Karate in England which will consolidate guidance on health and safety, child protection and Karate instruction/coaching. This new, unified body will also be in a strong position to apply to Sport England for recognition as the National Governing Body for Karate. This recognition would open the door to lottery and other funding for Karate at all levels.

The second meeting of 2011 was held at the offices of the Sport & Recreation Alliance (S&RA) in London, and chaired by its Chief Executive Tim Lamb. At that meeting a paper was discussed which proposed a new umbrella Governing Body which would bring together all the major groups in English Karate. This new body would allow the constituent Karate organisations to remain intact, licensing their own members and organising their own courses, gradings and competitions. The proposed structure was designed to facilitate the continuation of the WKF mandate through the EKF, whilst allowing the freedom for the other Groups to affiliate to other World Bodies. At the time it was assumed that the published WKF Statues would permit the EKF to participate in an umbrella Governing Body for English Karate.

Although the meeting ended without a final decision being reached, Tim Lamb felt that we were making great progress and suggested that a private meeting between the four groups should take place early in 2012; all four groups accepted his suggestion and a joint Press Release was agreed to this effect.

However the EKF have subsequently withdrawn from the process despite strenuous efforts to persuade them otherwise. This is because the EKF now consider that their participation in the new body would result in the withdrawal of the WKF mandate and this result was not acceptable to the EKF Board.

The remaining three groups; AMA, FEKO and KE therefore met on 24th January and have agreed to continue the process without the EKF, although the door is always open for them to rejoin at any time.

The groups decided the new body should be called the EKC – English Karate Council.

Further details will be circulated shortly.