Annual General Meeting

Minutes of AGM and all KE meeting will be added here:

Minutes of the Karate England 2012 AGM, 29th September, Ramada Hotel, Loughborough

Board Present: John Bell, Abdu Shaher,   Bob Poynton, Ian Cuthbert, Tricia Jordan, Vic Charles MBE, Steve Stubbs.

In Attendance:           Mike Cowburn

1          Chairman’s Welcome

Mr Bell opened the meeting and thanked those present for attending

2          Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Andy Sherry, Molly Samuel-Leport and Oliver Wood

3          Accuracy of Minutes of 2011 AGM

The minutes were accepted unanimously as a true record; proposed by Bob Poynton and

seconded by Abdu Shaher

4          Matters arising from minutes of 2011 AGM

There were no matters arising not covered in the agenda

5          Report of Chair of the Board

John Bell highlighted the main achievements and activities over the past year as set

out in the previously circulated report.

The report was accepted unanimously – proposed by Steve Stubbs and seconded by Bob Poynton

 6         Consideration and Adoption of Accounts

 Steve Stubbs spoke on the accounts, which had been circulated to all present. The financial position was a healthy one with a surplus shown of around £2,800. This was due in the main to the success of the 2011 KE Championships.

 The accounts were formally accepted unanimously – proposed by Abdu Shaher and seconded by

Bob Poynton.

7          Election of Board Members

 The existing Board members were willing to continue and this was agreed. There were three vacancies. Tricia Jordon and Mike Cowburn had expressed an interest in standing for the Board.

Tricia was proposed by Ian Cuthbert and seconded by Abdu Shaher and accepted unanimously.

 Mike Cowburn indicated his willingness to stand but had recently been appointed to the Board of the WKSA and wished it to be known that for this reason, he might not be able to attend all KE meetings. The Board members felt that this should not be an impediment and Mike was proposed by Ian Cuthbert, seconded by Bob Poynton and accepted unanimously.

 John Bell welcomed the new members to the Board. Bob Poynton informed the meeting that

John van Weenan might be willing to stand and the Board gave its approval to Bob making a formal approach to John regarding Board membership.

8          Appointment of Auditor

 The Board approved the appointment of Mark Woodward as auditor and thanked him for his

attention in 2011.

 9          AOB

 The meeting commented on the great success of the seminar on Governance and Safeguarding held earlier that day; John would thank presenters Hamish Telfer and Jules Goulding who gave their time free of charge.

 There being no other business, the meeting closed at 5.30 pm.