2012 BIKO Open

The 2012 British Open again was held at the K2 centre in Crawley and was as hotly contested as ever.

It was good to see old friends from the WKF International code as well as the usual faces from the WUKF code. Such a shame that the WKF does nt allow its members to fight outside its own group, I’m sure they would get up to speed pretty quickly if they were to be allowed.

Putting petty politics aside  lets get to business.

IKA saw some considerable success in the shito ryu kata events whilst the other kata golds in Shotokan, Wado ryu and Open were shared amongst the BASK , SKA , Seishan , CSP and the AMA.

In the childrens U15 yrs kumite events , Karate Sport England members made it a clean sweep with Golds going to Shikon , Seishan and Kyoji kai. A lot of promise for the future there.

In the cadet kumite Karate Sport England again took the honours with Golds from Sam Hulbert and Charlie Collins in the male categories and Maddie Moore and Shauna Carroll in the female.

Interesting to note that these four people have won the following between them :-

3 World team golds , 2 European team golds , 2 Individual European golds  a World individual gold and 2 European Cup golds along with 17 National titles over the last 8 years.

Pretty impressive !!

Lloyd Anderson (Shikon) won the male JUnior section in style whilst Maddie Moore stepped up an age category to take her second gold of the day in the female juniors.

In the male seniors U65k Liviu Dodoc (CSP and Romanian national team)  beat Stephan Rewohl (Halle Germany) in a lively final . Phil Patrick (Shikon) beat squad mate Nathan Hunt in the U75k and in the heavy weights Leon Martin narrowly beat England team mate Jason Marquis to take gold.

The ladies senior event saw Maddie Moore win her third section of the day rounding of a fairly impressive day even by her standards.

In the veterans , old hand Lynn Aston showed yet again that class always shines through as she dispatched each opponent in turn including a former European Champion and another silver medallist.

The individual senior events finished off with wins for Garrick Eastwood (BKO) and Eva Kerekes (CSP Romania) in the male and female ippon events respectively.

In the team events Shikon (SESK) won the team kata and Kyoji Kai took first in the boys team kumite under 12 yrs beating a strong Ulster team in the final.

In the male cadet team events a strong Karate Sport England team beat Shikon (SESK) in the sanbon final but saw the result reversed by a bizarre refereeing decision in the team rotation.

Shikon East beat Shikon West in the female team rotation final and Karate Sport England went head to head twice with the Romanians in the senior female team finals seeing them off both times.

in the mens senior team events Shikon B (Dan Cuthbert , Leon Martin and Jason Marquis ) took both golds beating Shikon A (Phil Patrick , Nathan Hunt and Lloyd Anderson) in the sanbon final, and Kyoji kai (John Anderson , Ian Hedges and Jonathan Waltho) in the rotation final.

Karate Sport England head coach Abdu Shaher was pleased to see so many national squad members getting plenty of mat time as the forthcoming Five Nations Series between England, Ukraine , Romania , Italy and Belgium begins in a few weeks with its inaugural match at the Herstal Stadium, Belgium.

Best of luck to the squad , details of which will be up on the Karate Sport England web site shortly.