English Karate Council

Sport England Support 2013-14


Sport England recently invited the English Karate Council (EKC) to apply for funding

to help the EKC establish itself as a well-run cohesive body that can represent Karate

in England and which is capable of increasing Karate participation. An application

for this funding, which would be used to engage a consultancy company, was submitted on the12th December.

On the 19th of December, the Chairman of the EKC was informed by Sport England that the application had been approved.

The Project

Oaks Consultancy have been chosen for this project and will work with the EKC on the following topics:

1. Development of the governance of the Council and of the operational relationships between its individual member bodies to enable the Council to operate and deliverservices in a ‘joined up’ fashion.

2. Developing the governance of Karate through the Council and its member bodies.

3. Development and establishment of improved branding to raise the Council’s visibility both within the Karate community and to the public at large.

4. Production of a development plan for Karate to include advice on partnering/liaising with other home country Karate bodies and other sports bodies such as the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The consultant will work closely with the Management Board of the EKC and its specialist advisors. These advisors include experts on governance, law, finance and physiology.


The project work will be undertaken over the next 3 months, commencing immediately.


This grant is the first financial assistance from Sport England to Karate for over seven years.

It represents confidence in the potential of Karate as a sport and in the ability of established Karate leaders to improve the governance of Karate for the benefit of the public.

The Board of the English Karate Council is delighted to be receiving this support to help meet the challenges of leading the development of Karate in England and welcomes interest in this work from all bona fide Karate groups in England.

Further information can be obtained from John Bell, EKC Chairman, or Bob Poynton

EKC Secretary.

John Bell, Chairman EKC

email: john.bell.1@hotmail.co.uktel: 07931 545924 ( not available from 15 Jan-18th Feb-out of the country)

email. bobpoynton@btconnect.comtel: 0151 652 6062