IKU World Senior & Veterans Championships

1st IKU World Senior and Veteran Karate Championships

This new world body had its inaugural event in Portoroz , Slovenia.

WithKarate’s failure to get into the Olympics there is a move Internationally to find a new way for World Karate .

The International Karate Union was born out of this discontent with old leaders.

The President of IKU is former 10 times World Champion Mr Victor Charles MBE. KarateSport England were privileged to have a strong squad of athletes thattravelled to Slovenia for this very 1st World Senior andVeterans Championships.

The 3 day event ran smoothly and the quality of the competitors was excellent. The resort was absolutely beautiful, HotelMarita was excellent and the people very friendly and helpful. Many of the 24 man squad talked about returning for a holiday.

The England team finished 2nd in the medals table behind Italy with 10 gold,7 Silverand 10 bronze.

With more finalists than had been achieved on previous occasions the England squad was nervous but excited on the finals day onthe Sunday but our excellent squad was not to be denied.

In the kumite finals Garrick Eastwood finally got his well deserved Gold medal and his first world title in the senior male U65k sanbon, he was looking even sharper than ever and looked quite comfortable against top class opponents.

Garrick took out a very strong Brazilian opponent in the quarter finals 6-2, then a Rumanian opponent in the semi-final 2-0, in an all UK final Garrick defeated Luke Howard of Wales 6-3 to take Gold and become IKU World karate champion the senior men’s under 65kilo sanbon kumite(fighting) category.

Caroline McGrath also took her first major title, Caroline competing in the senior female ippon kumite plus 68kilos weight division took out her German opponent 2-0 in the semi-final and then took the Gold and IKU world Ippon title with another 2-0 win against her Italian opponent.

The ladies senior team of Maddie Moore, Shauna Carroll and Caroline McGrath took gold in the female SANBON kumite pulling off a great win against old rivals Italy.Shauna followed up a battling effort from Maddie and Caroline who had given the team a 1-0 lead (Maddie beat the heavyweight world champion 6-5 after being 4-0 down in the first fight and Caroline held the second girl to a 3-3 draw.Shauna came out 3rd against the 3 times world light weight champion anddemolishedher 6-2 including two head kicks which not only had the English squad up cheering but the Brazilian team joined in as well. Shauna also took a bronze in the senior female heavyweight kumite.

In the men’s senior team rotation (tag team)injuries toother squad members saw good friends Jason Marquis, Adam Carrigan-Smith and Mike Cormack who have trained together since they were children, lining up in the final to face favourites Italy.

All three fought at the very top of their game and eventually came outdeserved winners 8-5 to take this titlefor the very first time .

Holly Roberts performed with her usual spirit and energy and took a well deserved silver medal in the female senior shito-ryu kata.

Lynne Aston won 3 Golds in the veterans events.Gold in the individual masters kumite (Fighting), gold in the veterans team kata with Lindsey Andrew and Tricia Jordan and gold in the Ippon Female team event with Della Tudiscaand Lisa Lethbridge.

Lindsey Andrews showed how much her kata has improved over the last year by winning the veterans kata shito-ryu title with an excellent performance of Annan

Rob Ward won a gold in the veterans in the 45-50 age category , winning 6-2 in a hotly contested final. Rob also took a bronze in the men’s senior Ippon team with Phil McGriele and Paul Lineham.

Officials Mark Green and Geoff Marks did a excellant job as England representatives featuring in a number key bouts and finals.

Coaches Abdu Shaher, Ian Cuthbert, Brad Moore, Tricia Jordan and Julia Heenan worked very well as team and should be congratulated for this huge success. They in turn would like to thank all the club coaches like Paul Wood, Lee Willis, Phil Patrick and Bryan Andrews who have worked with many of these athletes over the last year in preparation for these championships


IKU Senior and Veterans World Championships

6-9 June 2013, Portoroz, Slovenia

England Results

Gold Medalist:

Garrick Eastwood. U65K Kumite

Caroline McGrath. Shubo ippon kumite.

Rob Ward. Male veterans.

Lynne Aston – Female veterans SANBON.

Male senior team rotation. Jason Marquis, Michael Cormack, Adam Carrigan-Smith.

Female senior SANBON team kumite – Shauna Carroll, Maddie Moore, Caroline McGrath.

Female senior ippon rotation team kumite. Della Tudisca, Patience Kakitie, Lisa Letheridge.

Female senior ippon team kumite. Lynne Aston,Della Tudisca, Lisa Letheridge.

Female veterans kata. Lindsey Andrews

Female veterans team kata. Lynne Aston, Tricia Jordan, Lindsey Andrews.

Silver Medals

Della Tudisca. Female veteran kumite

Male veteran rotation team kumite. Bryan Andrews, Mark Nevola, Jem Bass

Holly Roberts. Female senior kata

Lisa Lethbridge. Female senior ippon kumite.

Lisa Lethbridge. Female veterans kata

Mark Nevola. Male veterns kumite A

Jem Bass. Male Veterans Kumite B

Bronze Medals

Lisa Shaw. Senior female u60k

Paul Lineham Male senior o70k

Female senior team rotation. Maddie Moore, Shauna Carroll, Caroline Mcgrath, Lisa Shaw

Female senior SANBON o68k Shauna Carroll

Male senior ippon team  – Phil McGriele, Rob Ward, Paul Lineham

Male senior ippon rotation – Phil McGriele, Rob Ward, Paul Lineham

Male veterans team SANBON. Bryan Andrews, Mark Nevola, Jem Bass

Patience Kakitie. Female veterans SANBON.

Patience Kakitie. Female Veterans kata

Emma Bass. Female Veterans Shubo Ippon kumite