2012 Shikon Open

Shikon London international open -01 July 2012

This years Shikon Open was also the host for the English leg of the 2012 Five Nations Cup. Organisers Ian Cuthbert and Abdu Shaher put in great time and effort to create the kind of tournament  that we’ve always wanted to go to and judging by the  feedback  they got pretty close.

  • “Excellent organisation.”   L.Aston
  • “Fantastic event.”  T. Whitty
  • “Competition was a great success” D. Brashaw. (Ireland)
  • “I think that was the best event I have been to this year”. C. Collins
  • “The day was professional  and the showcase well presented, fab spectator friendly”  j. Heenan
  • “very well organised thanks for the invitation” S. Barron.  (Ireland)
  • “Good competition, well run, best competition I’ve been to” B. Healy
  • “Thanks, my students enjoyed it very much, look forward to the English” N. Jeddi
  • “Brilliant comp can’t believe it started on time and finished on time”. M. Searson

The previous day on the saturday there was a referees course and over 60 people attended. Dr. Columba McLoughlin conducted the course and over the weekend made the following assessments  in conjunction with the KSE Referees commission.
(For a full list of the successfull candidates see the bottom of this page.)
On the Saturday course it was established that there are always the same complaints about tournaments.  They start late finish late , no one knows what’s on next , people start getting rude, the referees don’t get a break and so on and on.With over 60 officials  administering five tatamis it was a breeze.  All the officials whether they be on the mat or table had the chance of a break and no one seemed over stressed. At nine fifteen Ian Cuthbert called the officials to the control table and each team went to its relevant tatami.   At nine thirty all five areas were off and running much to the surprise of some of the coaches. All coaches had a programme of the day indicating which categories were going to be on which area and during which phase of the day they would occur.
The first phase being kata was scheduled from 9.30 to 11 am, 14 categories many of them single style sections. Although the children’s medals were spread nicely amongst several squads the senior events were dominated by the Romanian National team members who took 6 of the nine senior kata events. This is certainly an area that karate England needs to address if they are going to challenge the other European countries at European and world level kata competitions. At 11 am two areas began children’s kumite shortly followed by the other three and the International kumite  squads began to arrive.
England, Italy, Romania and Ireland were due to be joined by Ukraine who currently lead the five nations series  but the Ukranian team had fallen foul of visa problems and had not arrived.  A formiable home countries team was put together to form a Celtic Warriors team and they made up the fifth place for the day.
Harlow mayor Maggie Halcopp was in attendance along with other VIP s including Bob Poyton. (Karate England Gen. Sec.) and Liviu Crisan (WUKF Gen.Sec.) At twelve thirty with the back three areas finished the arena was set up for the Five Nations event. With over 650 people in the arena the atmosphere was fantastic . Chief referee Columba McLoughlin sent the ten world officials to their relevant tatami .  Ian Cuthbert went on the mike introducing Mayor Maggie Halcopp to the audience and after a brief speech Ian introduced the teams which included numerous current and former European and World Champions.

With the female teams fighting on area 2 and the male teams on area 3 the audience had plenty to watch.    The format was team rotation in which three ‘man’ teams fight using a ‘tag team’ system, easily the most exciting format you will see at a karate competition. Both Romanian teams recently won golds in team rotation at the European championships with England picking up 2 bronzes and Italy and Ireland one a piece so the scene was set for an exciting rematch.
England had lost to the Romanians at the Europeans in both male and female events but with some contentious decisions in both, so the England teams were focused on some pay back and they got their just rewards. Both male and female teams stormed through the matches with Ashley Ogbekene the outstanding performer in the ladies and Dan Cuthbert leading the way in the men’s team.
The last matches were the England v Romania fixtures.  Both countries had 100 per cent records
The England team was
Men’s team – Leon Martin , Dan Cuthbert , Phil Patrick  ladies team – Ashley Ogbekene , Shauna Carroll , Maddie Moore
In the ladies match Ashley ably assisted by Shauna Carroll and Maddie Moore pushed the Romanian girls all the way, the highlight for many was Ashley’s spinning round house kick mid match but all three girls were fantastic eventually winning 9-3 and  taking first place in the female event.
But the five nations is a joint affair with male and female results being added together.  If the men’s team lose both squads would have equal match points and it would have to go to points scored .  Best not lose then !!
Romania took an early wazari lead through Vlad Iorga  but Leon Martin scored with a superb sweep punch putting England 2-1 up.  With the time being a six minute running clock there was plenty of time left but both teams know each other very well so scoring was slow over the next few minutes. Dan Cuthbert and Phil Patrick both came on and Leon returned but the there were no scores.Eventually Romania pulled it back and then scored twice more to lead 4-2. Time was running into the last thirty seconds when England coach. Abdu Shaher put out Dan Cuthbert, he quickly brought the score back to 4-3 but the Romanians changed and put out their main man Iorga once again with only seconds on the clock. England needed a wazari to draw even, Dan didn’t let the team down, right on time his fast punch combination received wazari from the Italian and Irish officials. 4-4!!   The match went into sudden death with Dan continuing to face Iorga.
Twice the crowd thought Dan had scored only to be denied by the Italian referee, he kept his head and again pulled his opponent and attacked and this time he got the score.  England won 5-4, winning the overall event, the crowd went wild and somehow England losing by penalties to Italy in the euros was briefly forgotten.
After trophies were presented to all the national  teams by the mayor, the competition continued with the cadet and senior events .
Many of the national teams fought again in the individual and team events so the crowd continued to be entertained by top quality, Karateka .  The medals table eventually had the UKA squad from Shikon topping the table with 11 golds just one medal ahead of the Cluj polytechnic team from Romania. A PDF of all the resullts is attached below.
The day came to and end at 6 pm and hopefully the Italians had time to get back to their hotel to see the Euros final although they probably wished they hadn’t.
We now look forward to the last two legs of the Five Nations in Cluj Napoca, Romania in September and Trieste, Italy in December.

Full list of successful candidates from the Referees course.
Ratified as KarateSport England Referees

Abdu Shaher – 8th dan Ian Cuthbert – 6th dan Trisha Jordan- 4th dan Mark Green – 2nd dan – (WUKF qualified) Sonia Powell – 1st dan – (WUKF qualified) Geoff Marks -  3rd dan – (WUKF qualified) Dave Brashaw – 4th dan – (WUKF qualified)
Promoted to KSE referee John Anderson Snr – 7th dan James howes.- 3rd dan Ashley Ogbekene – 3rd dan Dean Tilley – 2nd dan Tom Beaton – 3rd dan Michael Cormack – 2nd dan Trevor Justin – 4th dan
Promoted to KSE judge Lynn Aston – 4th dan Michael McGrath – 3rd dan David Levine – 3rd dan Paul Lineham -1st dan Garrick Eastwood – 2nd dan Jason Marquis – 2nd dan Tunde fadare – 2nd dan Richard Haig – 2nd dan Brad Moore – 1st dan Charlie Collins – 1st Dan (Junior)* Luke Cuthbert  – 2nd dan Paul Lowe – 2nd dan Lucy Goodman – 1st Kyu Andrew Kitchener – 3rd dan Qasim Hashmi – 1st kyu
Promoted to KSE arbitrator
Sharon Langley – 1st dan Liam Powell – 1st dan Ravi Patel – 1st dan Patience Kakitie – 1st dan Shani Joseph – 1st dan Anna Engwell – 2nd kyu Gerald Engwell – 2nd kyu David Foster – 2nd kyu Bethany Johnson – 1st kyu (Junior) *
* A Junior qualification for Cadets (15-17yrs old) is new innovative in education of competition officials was instigated by the KSE referees commission, this to our knowledge has not been done by any other bonafide karate organisation. This enable these cadets to officiate competitors in younger age groups. KSE has large numbers within this age group many with years of karate experience, so see these very committed students as the ideal candidates for bring much needed youth within the ranks of English competition officials.
Congratulations to all of the above